What We Provide

For starters, our goal is to provide quality information on the subjects regarding biofuels and clean, renewable bioenergy sources. We intend on composing quality articles concerning this issue. We desire to become one of the primary information hubs for people who are interested in learning about alternate sources for all of our energy needs. We know that there are countless people out there who are interested in green energy, and who care about the earth. Individuals who are concerned with the destructive habits that are commonplace today, and who are looking for ways to help change all of that.

Who Do We Write For

Who is our ideal audience? That is a great question and one that we love to answer. When it comes to a who are we page, you would typically expect us to talk only about ourselves and how great we are. But instead, we care more about what our purpose is, who our core audience is going to be and the type of things they want to hear. We write for the people who are interested in a safe living environment, an Internet-savvy (or not so savvy) audience, who likely understands that the mainstream media is not going to provide the news that they want to consume.

What We Write About

We blog about all the issues that are going on in this fight to switch over to cleaner energy alternatives. We talk about the politics of it, the policies that are being passed, the corporations who are violators, the politicians who refuse to get on board and block a cleaner energy legislation. We intend to write about all of these things and how they affect everyone. It won’t always be happy, but it will be on point. And we will stay true to our mission of getting the good news out and telling people about what is going on.

We Are a Worthy Read

We are worth the read. The columns we write will be very personable, engaging, and written not just with the information in mind, but also, with an entertainment value as well. Why shouldn’t a news source be both informative and engaging? So our goal is to write creatively for our audience, in a way that will hold their attention. However, we will stay true to the subject matter, which serves the purpose of educating, informing, and firing people up. So, those are just a couple of the reasons why you should stop by frequently and check us out.

What Is Our Goal

Our goal, of course, is World Domination! Seriously, we want to take over the world with the message that clean energy, bio-energy, and renewable resources are mandatory. That the people are fed up, they care about their future, they care about best practices and doing what is best for the world. Our goal is to get the news out to the people who are very interested in this topic. Our goal is to reach people just like you who are fascinated with this subject and who want to read high-quality reports. So our objective is to reach individuals like you.

What Makes Us Qualified

What makes us qualified to write about the subject matter? That is a fascinating question, but one that we would love to answer. Our staff of editors and writers are all characters who are very passionate about cleaning up our home planet. They vary in age, exposure, political, and grassroots experience, fighting for cleaner energy. These journalists have been writing in the alt and mainstream news for some time now and most importantly are people who want to get this information out to everyone. That is what makes us qualified to publish on this blog and supply you with the information that you want to know.

What You Need to Do Next

So, as you can now see, this blog is perfect for people just like you. Your next step should be to connect with us on our various social media platforms, so you can remain aware of what we are doing, read our latest posts, and see what is going on in the world of clean energy. You should join our mailing list so that you can be immediately notified when we post new articles. You should take a look around this site so you can discover interesting posts concerning renewable energy sources.

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